We offer a variety of sports & a wide range of sessions covering all ages ranges


Below are some of the sports we currently offer, we are always looking to add to and develop our selection. If there is a particular sport you are interested in please don’t hesitate to say!


This sport is a personal favourite for our coaching staff, given their strong rugby back grounds. Their passion for the game is reflected in their coaching, making it a favourite with the children too! The introduction of Tag rugby has now made the game accessible for boys and girls of all ages, allowing children to work on their passing running and kicking from an early age!


One of the most popular sports in the world, football is a great game to play and also to coach. The many individual and team skills can be broken down and developed through drills and mini games. Football is a very popular sport amongst our children and our coaches, with Freddie being able to draw on contacts from within professional football to help plan and deliver sessions.


This is a hugely popular sport throughout Europe and a rapidly growing sport in the UK. Basketball is a great sport for when outdoor space is an issue, allowing us to develop skills which are readily transferable to other sports (netball and handball). Shooting hoops always proves popular during our sessions!

Our Sessions

The Small Sports Club provide specialised early years sports sessions.

Our sessions are split into 4 sections, with multiple activities in each. Each individual session will form part of a term long plan, building on basic movement patterns all the way through to game based skill practice. Sessions typically run for 30-40 minutes. Below is an outline of each section:

Warm Up

Our warm up games get us ready for the session. We do lots of running around and get our bodies used to the movements we are going to be using in the rest of the activities.

Sport Specific Skill Practice

During our skill practice we learn a new skill specific to the sport we are covering. This could be batting in Cricket, passing in Football or kicking in Rugby.

Gross Motor Skill

Here we work on the gross motor skills, which underpin all of our movements. We run, jump and balance our way through a variety of exercises and obstacle courses.


During this part of the session we have lots of fun, playing fun games and some games linked to the skills we have practiced throughout the session. However the focus here is on fun.

Age Ranges

As children grow and develop their needs change, we ensure they continue to be challenged during our sessions by adapting to their needs.

2-3 Years

Our main focus at this very early stage is fun. Creating a positive relationship between children and sport is our main objective. This coupled with basic colour recognition, skill work and gross motor development is the order of the day for the 2-3s. Lots of help from teachers and coaches is essential.

3-4 Years

We will begin to play more skill based games, working with friends as a class and independently rather than with teachers. Still we put the main focus on motor skills and sport specific skills. We start to introduce more challenging educational activities, ensuring children are engaged throughout.

4-5 Years

We can now start to limit the participation of teachers and carers; they will help organise games and aid children in making decisions. Sport specific skill work is now fairly technical, with children performing skills in a variety of situations. More complex games are played, with children assuming different roles within these games. Quantities, letter recognition and basic numeracy can be integrated into the sessions.